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**Please note: This bundle does not include Baby Mix Me a Drink, as it is out of stock.**

With the Baby Be of Bundle, you've got your domestic bases covered. Between naps and "turning over," your baby can learn his or her way around banking, car repair, breakfast preparation, drink-mixing, wedding planning, and romantic matchmaking. Through basic shapes and colors, these board books teach your precious little angels to be useful at long last. And why shouldn't they help a little around the house?

Get all five Baby Be of Use books—that's Baby Make Me Breakfast, Baby Do My Banking, Baby Fix My Car, Baby Plan My Wedding, and Baby Get Me Some Lovin’—for the astounding price of just $24.

The Baby Be of Use books got a nice mention in the December 2006 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine:

"Wish-fulfillment for wilting parents: Lisa Brown's deliciously naughty Baby Be of Use series, helps take the boredom out of board books. Baby Mix Me a Drink, with its playroom-bright martini for Mama ('And Nanny wants a champagne cocktail') lifted our spirits; so did Baby Do My Banking ('Baby, our finances are a mess! You'd better open up a new account…'). Now if we could only find a job for the dog…"

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These 12-page vibrantly colored instructional board books are suitably scaled and captivating for parents and babies alike.