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Published: July, 2003
ISBN : ISSN: 1543-6101

Edited by Heidi Julavits, Andrew Leland, and Vendela Vida
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By subscribing to the Believer, for one year you will receive, in perfect-bound print, an embarrassment of riches in the form of new articles, interviews, reviews, poems, and comics; you will have the opportunity to study up close the beautiful illustrations of Charles Burns, Tony Millionaire, and guest artists, such as the Music Issue’s Marcel Dzama; you can dive into columns by Nick Hornby, Daniel Handler, Greil Marcus, and Lawrence Weschler; you will enjoy the feel of the Prolific Printing Group’s gorgeous “Roland Enviro 100 Natural” recycled acid-free heavy stock paper against your hands, fingertips, and face; and you will save over 30% off the $10 (and $12 for double-issues) cover price.

Upcoming issues will feature such treasures as interviews with Zooey Deschanel, Seth Rogen, Jimmy Page, Seth MacFarlane, and many more; Eula Biss on vampires and health care; Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker; Lydia Davis on a classic children’s book; and Ted Trautman on VW Bugs and Mexican politics. The Believer is currently a print-only magazine, with selected features and original content available daily at

You may have noticed that a year-long subscription to the Believer is now six issues in length. That’s because beginning in January 2015, each and every Believer will be a DOUBLE-MONTH issue; that is, twice the Believer at half the speed. We’re slowly unveiling this change and will explain the gritty, beautiful, eye-widening details in October. For now, rest assured that subscribing during this transitional period and forever after will still afford you a year’s worth of magazines, and the same amount of nonfiction glory as always. Stay tuned!

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