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Published: January, 2012
ISBN : ISSN: 1543-6101

Edited by Heidi Julavits, Andrew Leland, and Vendela Vida
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A note regarding the Believer:
We are transitioning to bimonthly publication, and our next issue (and our first expanded edition) will be released in January. We appreciate your bearing with us as we work on our biggest issue yet. All subscribers who would like to feel our Rolland Enviro Natural beneath their fingertips and breathe in the special Believer scent before January can contact us at, and we will happily send along back issues or Believer Books to fill the intervening months.

By subscribing to the Believer, for one year you will receive, in perfect-bound print, an embarrassment of riches in the form of new articles, interviews, reviews, poems, and comics; you will have the opportunity to study up close the beautiful illustrations of Charles Burns, Tony Millionaire, and guest artists, such as the Music Issue’s Marcel Dzama; you can dive into columns by Nick Hornby, Daniel Handler, Greil Marcus, and Lawrence Weschler; you will enjoy the feel of the Prolific Printing Group’s gorgeous “Roland Enviro 100 Natural” recycled acid-free heavy stock paper against your hands, fingertips, and face; and you will save over 30% off the $10 (and $12 for double-issues) cover price.

Upcoming issues will feature such treasures as interviews with Zooey Deschanel, Seth Rogen, Jimmy Page, Seth MacFarlane, and many more; Eula Biss on vampires and health care; Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker; Lydia Davis on a classic children’s book; and Ted Trautman on VW Bugs and Mexican politics. The Believer is currently a print-only magazine, with selected features and original content available daily at

You may have noticed that a year-long subscription to the Believer is now six issues in length. That’s because beginning in January 2015, each and every Believer will be a DOUBLE-MONTH issue; that is, twice the Believer at half the speed. We’re slowly unveiling this change and will explain the gritty, beautiful, eye-widening details in October. For now, rest assured that subscribing during this transitional period and forever after will still afford you a year’s worth of magazines, and the same amount of nonfiction glory as always. Stay tuned!

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