Wholphin 9 lores
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Wholphin No. 9 features three never-before-seen short films by Spike Jonze: a Maurice Sendak childhood memory re-enacted by Spike Jonze and Catherine Keener; Maurice Sendak battling his inner demons with colored pencil and paper; and a very candid greeting from Spike Jonze and the Wild Things.

Also included are Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s short story, “Sparks,” starring Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz; the Academy Award–nominated documentary, “La Corona,” about a high-stakes beauty pageant in a Columbian women’s prison; an incredibly rare and candid glimpse into the life of a Mormon fundamentalist who shares a husband with her younger, biological sister; the Jury Prize–winning short from Cannes; Caveh Zahedi; meteorites; motordromes; acting lesson orgasms; films from Belgium, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan, and much more.

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"Nine issues in, there is simply no doubt: If you enjoy film—the concept, the possibilities, the power—you need to subscribe to Wholphin. There is no easier-to-access, better-curated and diverse film festival out there, and this one you can attend in your underwear. The ninth entry has a little bit of everything, from polished mini-films to excellent documentaries to outstanding animation, along with bits and pieces from all over the spectrum of movies. This is one of the most impressive line-ups yet, without a weak point to be found."
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Table of Contents

Short Film, U.S.A.
Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
24:00 minutes

La Corona
Documentary, U.S.A.
Produced & Directed by Amanda Micheli & Isabel Vega
40:00 minutes

Maurice at the World's Fair
Short Film, U.S.A.
A Film by Spike Jonze & Lance Bangs
3:30 minutes

The Creature Within & Melbourne Years
Short Film, U.S.A.
Directed by Spike Jonze
1:30 & 0:50 minutes

Acting for the Camera
Short Film, U.S.A.
Directed by Justin Nowell; Written by Thomas Nowell
15:00 minutes

Animated Short, France
Directed by Jérémy Clapin
13:00 minutes

Short Film, Australia
Directed by Julius Avery
13:00 minutes

The Unmaking of I Am A Sex Addict
Animated Documentary, U.S.A.
Directed by Caveh Zahedi
7:00 minutes

Sister Wife
Documentary, U.S.A.
Directed by Jill Orschel
11:00 minutes

Short Film, Belgium
Directed by Wim Reygaert & Marc Roels
22:00 minutes

Sunday, 6th April, 11:42AM
Short Film, Italy
Directed by Flatform
6:00 minutes

Bearings Glocken
Short Film, Japan
Directed by Kawase Kohske
5:00 minutes

Short Film, Germany
Directed by Jörg Wagner
9:00 minutes