Gary Rudoren is an ensemble member of Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre where he’s written/directed/acted/designed since 1989. Some of the plays he’s co-written & directed include: AYN RAND GIVES ME A BONER; I’M 27, I STILL LIVE AT HOME AND I SELL OFFICE SUPPLIES; GOD IN A BOX; A HUGE HORRIBLE FAILURE; and THE IDIOTIC DEATH OF TWO FOOLS. His play “SO, I KILLED A FEW PEOPLE…,” which he also co-wrote and directed, has been published in PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM and has been produced all over the world, including Australia, England, Germany and lots of places in the US. He is also a practicing architect and has designed hundreds of buildings in Chicago and the Midwest. He’s originally a nice Jewish boy from NY and doesn’t sleep much. If you were to look up his bio under his old name, Gary Ruderman, it would look remarkably similar to what you’ve just read.

Eric Hoffman was a writer on the groundbreaking sketch program “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” As an actor he has appeared in “My Big Fat Independent Movie”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Let’s Go To Prison!”, and “The Brothers Solomon.” He performs regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood.