52 week heads and quotes
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The very first planner highlighting the cover illustrations of Charles Burns from the Believer magazine. This planner has lots of space for writing, doodling, and getting down all those important dates. It's also a flexible planner, allowing you to start whenever you like – just write in the month and date you wish to start and away you go!

Each week features a Burns illustration of a person interviewed in the Believer, along with a quote from that interview. There is everyone from Joan Didion to Jack White, and each week is its own color for maximum manageability.

A few samples from the planner:

“I want every day to be about spelling bee champions and baby basketball.”
–Tina Fey

“Peace is a resistance to the terrible satisfactions of war.”
–Judith Butler

“Every few years when it’s been another five years that have passed and I haven’t made a film and the depression starts taking over totally, I allow myself to do a commercial. And then I feel really dirty and get to work promptly.”
–Terry Gilliam

“When I’d reupholster furniture I’d take off the old fabric and I started to write poems and things inside the furniture, so if it was ever reupholstered again one day they’d get little messages from the last person who upholstered it. I thought it’d be cool if we all wrote each other messages.”
–Jack White