Child again lores
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ISBN : 1932416226

Casey returns to bat. The Pied Piper pipes again. Little Red Riding Hood is not safe yet. Robert Coover, one of the true revolutionaries in American fiction, presents a new collection of short stories, revealing the cruelty of puppets, the perfection of a jigsaw puzzle, and the lonelinesss of the invisible man. Outlandish and precise, menacing and humane, this collection finds new life in our oldest tales.

Praise for A Child Again:

"As his dazzling career continues to demonstrate, Mr. Coover is a one-man Big Bang of exploding creative force."
New York Times

"Coover shows he has plenty of fire left in this bawdy and witty remix of 18 popular tales—from Puff the Magic Dragon to the Pied Piper and Casey at the bat. In [his] hands, our stories shimmer as we hope they might, showing us a more open way of living."
–Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Robert Coover remains our foremost verbal wizard, our laughter in the dark."
–T.C. Boyle

"At age 75, Coover is still a brilliant mythmaker, a potty-mouthed Svengali, and an evil technician of metaphors. He is among our language's most important inventors, and it is more crucial than ever to read him."
–Ben Marcus