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Bob Odenkirk is a legend in the comedy-writing world, winning Emmys and acclaim for his work on Saturday Night Live, Mr. Show with Bob and David, and many other seminal TV shows. This book, his first, is a spleen-bruisingly funny omnibus that ranges from absurdist monologues (“Martin Luther King Jr’s Worst Speech Ever”) to intentionally bad theater (“Hitler Dinner Party: A Play”); from avant-garde fiction (“Obituary for the Creator of Mad Libs”) to free-verse poetry that’s funnier and more powerful than the work of Calvin Trillin, Jewel, and Robert Louis Stevenson combined.

Odenkirk’s debut resembles nothing so much as a hilarious new sketch comedy show that’s exclusively available as a streaming video for your mind. As Odenkirk himself writes in “The Second Coming of Jesus and Lazarus,” it is a book “to be read aloud to yourself in the voice of Bob Newhart.”

Check out “Hilter’s Dinner Party,” an excerpt from A Load of Hooey.

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Praise for A Load of Hooey:

One of Oprah.com’s 30 Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall

“The king of alt comedy … expands his reign with this absurd collection of tirades, rhyming verse, and tips on how to avoid getting an embarrassing tattoo.”
O, The Oprah Magazine

“Odenkirk … shows his cerebral side in his first collection of humor writing.”

“Whip-smart and laugh-out-loud funny.”
Publishers Weekly

“Delightfully absurd.”
The Weekly Alibi

“A deft blend of silliness and ridicule, mirth and rage: salt augmenting sweetness.”
Barnes & Noble Review

“Delivered with a combination of thoughtfulness and absurdity that Odenkirk has honed over the course of his career.”
A.V. Club

A Load of Hooey is a load of laughs.”
New York Post

“Very funny and immensely silly.”
Portland Mercury

A Load of Hooey finds the comedy legend doing what he does best: lampooning pretension.”
Chicago Reader

“Spoiler alert — it’s FUNNY!”
Local IQ

“Is it fair that [Odenkirk] is not only a funny, successful actor but also a funny, successful writer? Absolutely not, but fairness has even less to do with comedy than love and war.”
The New York Times Book Review