The sequel to Stephen Dixon’s acclaimed I., “a moving and oddly funny book” (so said the New Yorker), End of I. revisits that novel’s intimate territory, tightening the author’s unflinching focus even as he widens the scope. Dixon remains a master stylist, and the narrator’s tense, breakneck reflections on loss in all contexts are imbued with remarkable urgency and warmth.

Praise for End of I.

“The surprise is not only how funny Dixon can be but also how unutterably sad.... [Dixon] takes a reader’s heart and just plain dropkicks it.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“His circular, self-aware prose can be entrancing.”
New York Times Book Review

“Stephen Dixon is one of the great secret masters.“
—Jonathan Lethem

"You have to go into a Dixon book the way you'd go into a game of strip poker: ready to end up naked. He gives it to you straight, and means every word. He is the least pretentious living writer."
—J. Robert Lennon