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Celebrate the first month of fucking autumn by getting cozy with this obscene deal. Subscribe to our prestigious-as-hell literary journal McSweeney’s Quarterly and get our best-selling gourd mug for fucking free. Nab this deal so that all your beloved fucking friends and family will know not only that you love fall and warm fucking beverages, but that you love a motherfucking deal too.

Just looking to fucking subscribe? Click here. Just want a fucking mug? Here you go motherfucker.

IMPORTANT FUCKING LOGISTICAL INFORMATION: Subscriptions placed by November 15 will begin with McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issue. All subscriptions to McSweeney’s Quarterly automatically renew after four issues, at a reduced price of $75. In the event of any future rate changes, we will notify you via email. If you’d like to cancel your subscription at any time prior to its auto-renewal, you can log in to your account and adjust your subscription settings. Or send an email to custservice@mcsweeneys.net with the subject line “End Quarterly Autorenew”. Or call (415) 642-5609. Refunds will be accepted only up until the first issue of your renewal is shipped. If you’d like to give the Quarterly Concern as a one-time gift, purchase a gift subscription here. Any subscription purchased with the “gift” option marked at checkout will not be enrolled in autorenew.

International shipping costs for a four-fucking-issue subscription: $42

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