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By popular demand and just in time for the holidays, McSweeney’s is excited to bring back the perfect gift for very specific people. Pick up an official McSweeney’s Gift Subscription (giving your friend, loved one, family member, or general well-wisher four issues of our multi-award winning McSweeney’s Quarterly) and we’ll send you Keep Scrolling Till You Feel Something—the massive gilded $30 tome of humor pieces you could read for free on the internet, but then it wouldn’t have a deluxe ribbon page marker—for just $10, right away. Be the most popular person at your virtual white elephant party! Show your family member how much you get them! Thrill to thousands of pages of content from McSweeney’s Publishing.

Here’s a look at what this gift recipient will have coming their way beyond the monolith of internet humor:

McSweeney’s Issue 72
Finish out 2023 in style with a jam-packed metaphorical evening of cultural nourishment courtesy of McSweeney’s 72. Inside this three mini-book volume (bedecked with art by printmaker David Ryan), you’ll find a new play, The Headliners, by Jeffrey Neuman (produced here in an extended playbill of black and white photos from the Denver world-premiere production along with the play’s full text); and experience the hardships and thrills of life on the road as comedian and musician Tim Heidecker guides you through his intimate diary and documentary photos of his The Two Tims tour. With your whistle appropriately wetted, settle in for a full festival’s worth of literary stars including Ed Park’s latest tale of generational differences in family and love; Selena Gambrell Anderson on the intentional wrecking of a rich man’s ill-used ship; Jim Shepard’s new narrative perspective of Dr. Jekyll and his Mr. Hyde; Caleb Crain’s painfully accurate take on the time-honored tradition of hooking up at a writing conference; and Lauren Spohrer on the frightening specter of ghost planes and ghost citations, misattributions and appropriations.

Find all this plus letters considering product demand, the future as an airport terminal, teleportation of orgies to Iowa City, and lingering baby teeth from Dan Poppick, Mina Tavakoli, Vi Khi Nao, and Justin Carder; an excerpt from Eskor David Johnson’s Pay As You Go; Brian Robert Moore’s new translation of Lalla Romano; new work from Erin Somers, Adrian Van Young, Sahar Delijani, and Kevin Moffett; and the winner and runner-up of our inaugural Stephen Dixon Prize: Kristina Ten and Maz Do. Get ready to enrich your soul and live it up in the most introverted way possible, with this concentrated blast of stunning literary periodical content.

And then?
Keep an eye out in 2024 for our twenty-fifth anniversary lunchbox issue, an issue centered entirely around manifestos past and future, and more of the thrilling and innovative collections of of cutting-edge literary content that readers of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern have come to expect for over two decades.

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