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By popular demand and just in time for the holidays, McSweeney’s is excited to bring back the perfect gift for very specific people. Pick up an official McSweeney’s Gift Subscription (giving your friend, loved one, family member, or general well-wisher four issues of our multi-award winning McSweeney’s Quarterly) and we’ll send you Keep Scrolling Till You Feel Something—the massive gilded $30 tome of humor pieces you could read for free on the internet, but then it wouldn’t have a deluxe ribbon page marker—for just $10, right away. Be the most popular person at your virtual white elephant party! Show your family member how much you get them! Thrill to thousands of pages of content from McSweeney’s Publishing.

Here’s a look at what this gift recipient will have coming their way beyond the monolith of internet humor:

McSweeney’s Issue 64: The Audio Issue
Combining art, fiction, audio, and a slew of unclassifiable print objects in a custom box, McSweeney’s 64 is a riotous exploration of audiovisual storytelling, coproduced with Radiotopia from PRX (home to genius, independent audio creators including Song Exploder, Criminal, Ear Hustle, and more). Each piece in the issue establishes its own relationship between audio and print—the contributor’s unique experiment in weaving the mediums.

Included are Rion Amilcar Scott with a short fiction piece featuring two alternative audio endings; Pulitzer Prize-nominated composer Kate Soper with a transhumanist, interactive software upload; DeafBlind poet John Lee Clark on the limits of accessibility; Claudia Dey, Jason Reynolds, Renee Gladman, Sharon Mashihi, and more taking us on audio tours of our own homes; Aliya Pabani with a radio drama whose plot is complicated by a 24″ x 30″ illustrated poster; Ian Chillag with an absurdist, interactive phone tree; James T. Green, Catherine Lacey, and This American Life’s Sean Cole with voicemail dispatches to the editor; National Book Award-finalist Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Aimee Bender, and Kelli Jo Ford with short stories that braid in audio; and so much more.

McSweeney’s Issue 65: Plundered
McSweeney’s 65: Plundered spans the American continent, from a bone-strewn Peruvian desert to inland South Texas to the streets of Mexico City, and considers the violence that shaped it. In fifteen bracing stories, the collection delves into extraction, exploitation, and defiance. How does a community, an individual, resist the plundering of land and peoples?

Guest-edited by Valeria Luiselli with Heather Cleary, McSweeney’s 65 brings together stories of stolen artifacts and endless job searches, of nationality themed amusement parks and cultish banana plantations. With contributors from Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States, and elsewhere, Plundered is a sweeping portrait of a hemisphere on fire.

And then?
Keep an eye out in 2022 for four more thrilling and innovative collections of the kind of cutting-edge literary content readers of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern have come to expect for over two decades.

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