Lemon lores
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Lemon is the story of the passionate love between a man and a citrus fruit, told with a fluid mixture of prose, drama, and about twenty pages of rhymed couplets. Krauser's inimitable style is at once richly convoluted and light as air. Krauser is also the author of the plays Wall Street Made Simple and Horrible Child.

Praise for Lemon

"Krauser, who is a playwright, has interspersed scenes of Wendell and his lemon with elegant ruminations on the cultivation of lemons and descriptions of contemporary cubicle life. His prose is immaculate; his premise, patently ridiculous."
—The New York Times

"Lemon hits its stride, slipping into a sort of fantastic fiction that's so ruminative, so clever you can't help but go along for the ride."
—Philadelphia Weekly

"Lemon is sublime. It falls into place, patterns, and parts effortlessly."
—Dartmouth Contemporary