For this week’s From the Vault limited release, we’re freeing up just five copies of the black cover variant and five copies of the brown cover variant of McSweeney’s Issue 11 (2003). This rare and beautiful first-edition is still in its original shrink-wrap and hasn’t been available in our store since 2014. A smaller print run makes the brown edition even rarer yet.

The cover reads: “IT CAN BE FREE” and it’s true. With contributions from Joyce Carol Oates, Denis Johnson, Stephen Elliott, Lawrence Weschler, Samantha Hunt, T.C. Boyle, and so much more, your mind will be freed and your creative spirit, renewed. Plus, this shrink-wrapped, gold stamped, leather-bound issue includes a free DVD with two hours’ worth of readings, singing, outtakes, edifying audio commentary, surprise guests, and behind-the-scenes footage.