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Want to subscribe to McSweeney’s Quarterly? Look no further.

Get ready for the greatly anticipated release of McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issue in style, with a brand-new McSweeney’s Quarterly catch-up bundle. This extremely limited-edition bundle brings you the three latest issues of the multiple award-winning McSweeney’s Quarterly: McSweeney’s 61, McSweeney’s 62: The Queer Fiction Issue, and this year’s McSweeney’s 63.

Enjoy McSweeney’s 61’s lavish National Magazine Award-finalist hardcover; lose yourself in McSweeney’s 62’s swirling universe of queer voices, guest edited by the brilliant Patrick Cottrell; dig in to McSweeney’s 63’s tribute to literary master Stephen Dixon; and enjoy pages upon pages of unforgettable stories, comics, photography, essays, letters, and more than we can begin to sum up here.

Featuring original work by Esmé Weijun Wang, Etgar Keret, Eileen Myles, Bryan Washington, Salvador Plascencia, Maria Bamford, Brandon Hobson, and dozens upon dozens more. These issues are all well on their way to being out of print, so don’t miss your chance to add them to your shelf at one low price.

This bundle includes:
McSweeney’s Issue 61
McSweeney’s 62: The Queer Fiction Issue
and McSweeney’s Issue 63.