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Published: June, 2021
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This is the official year-long membership subscription for McSweeney’s Virtual Book Club. Purchase of this subscription is not necessary to join our virtual discussion (though it is by far the best deal around). To purchase just this month’s title and join our second meeting, click here.

Do you love books? Do you love McSweeney’s Publishing? Have you always longed for the chance to discuss McSweeney’s titles with like-minded people in a virtual public arena? Have you been looking for something to fill up the last Wednesday of every month? Well then dear subscription page reader we have got GREAT news for you: Introducing the McSweeney’s Virtual Book Club: meeting online—for now fully, but we promise always in part—the last Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET, to discuss our books old and new.

While all who have read each month’s book are welcome to attend, to help facilitate this book club—and in the name of offering a spectacular deal—we’ve created this official McSweeney’s Virtual Book Club Membership subscription. At the beginning of each month we’ll send you the new title, plus email event reminders, and who knows what other sorts of exclusive treats, at an unbeatable price of just $15 per book for one year! The very specific moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived, we hope you’ll join us.


For our second official McSweeney’s Virtual Book Club meeting (August 25) we’ll be discussing John Brandon’s Ivory Shoals .

Ivory Shoals is a bracing mix of Florida history and fleet adventure, livened with dry wit and a tender regard for its characters. Take a walk across the state with Gussie — you won’t regret it.”
Tampa Bay Times


We’ll follow up Ivory Shoals on September 29 with a trip farther back in the McSweeney’s catalog to discuss Lucy Corin’s collection One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses.

Lucy Corin has a gift for illuminating the dark and the unsettling through flashes of often absurdist humor, even of beauty.”

Keep your eyes peeled for future installments, including Dave Eggers’s follow up to The Circle, a stunning debut collection of short fiction out of Pakistan, and trips backward through the McSweeney’s catalog.

To receive info about future meetings and titles without purchasing a membership, sign up on Goodreads here, or email with the subject line “Book Club Sign Up” to be added to the club’s mailing list.

Important technical logistics: subscriptions purchased before August 15 will begin with Ivory Shoals. While there is not complete overlap between new titles offered by the McSweeney’s Virtual Book Club and the six-issue McSweeney’s Book Release Club, it will be very close. For all older titles we will check against previous book club mailings and purchases and credit additional books to ensure you do not get double copies and do not charge you for a book you already possess. Bought your book somewhere else? email with the subject line “duplicate book” and we’ll credit you manually. If you are already a subscriber to our six-book McSweeney’s Book Release Club and would like to upgrade your subscription, email with the subject line “book club upgrade.”