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Published: May, 2021
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Take a look at what you’ll have coming your way:

The Splendid Ticket by Bill Cotter
Angie Bigelow has won the jackpot: a $324 million lottery ticket. How will she spend the money? Will she share it with the father of her children, dissolute Dean Lee Grandet—even though he’s an inveterate gambler she plans on leaving? Angie, the lost soul at the center of Bill Cotter’s poignant and darkly comic novel, The Splendid Ticket, is facing this dilemma when a new tragedy tears through their household. Is that mere slip of numbered paper in the watch pocket of Angie’s Levi’s their ticket to freedom or the beginning of the end? In a fast-moving plot, shot through with originality and heart, this is the story of the Grandets discovering the alchemy that holds their family together, testing its limits and running headlong into whatever their futures hold.

Set in the verdant and sun-soaked Texas Hill Country, The Splendid Ticket tracks the push and pull, the bitter tension and the potent attraction, between these two impulsive individuals—and everyone caught in the storm that surrounds them.

“Like all works of fiction that are worth adoring, The Splendid Ticket, given its premise, has no business succeeding, yet wildy succeeds. It’s a fairytale noir and a work of realism. It’s the story of a loving, unhappy family. Novels this tightly rendered and sharp are hardly ever so human, hardly ever this warm. Bill Cotter’s outdone himself.”
Adam Levin, author of
The Instructions

Griefstrike! The Ultimate Guide to Mourning by Jason Roeder
When it comes to grief, there’s no room for second best. Sure, there are other guidebooks aimed at helping you cope with the emotional and practical challenges of losing a loved one. None, however, have been written by a comedy writer whose “therapeutic training” went no further than an undergraduate degree in psychology, and who lived through this terrible experience and emerged intact enough to write a bunch of jokes about it. What The Daily Show’s America (The Book) was to civics and The Onion’s Our Dumb Century was to the history of the twentieth century, Jason Roeder’s hilarious (and often moving) Griefstrike! is to death, mourning, and somehow getting on with your life.

“This is the hilarious and informative grief handbook I didn’t know I needed. But hopefully not too soon.”
Judd Apatow, author of
Sicker in the Head: More Conversations about Life in Comedy

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