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Our first issue of 2006 turns toward earlier and equally uncertain years, traveling back by way of pamphlets, info-cards, and letters addressing bygone conflicts and still-constant concerns. Expect, among other recovered works, carefree strategies for insurgencies in Nicaragua, astrological advice for the Nixon/Agnew campaigner, sanguine guidance for the soldier stationed in the Middle East at mid-century, and commonsense reinforcement for the doughboy drifting toward a gonorrhea infection. Also: T.C. Boyle's feral child novella and additional quasi-historical work by new writers.

Table of Contents

Christopher Howard – Prince of the World
Labelle followed the big river inland after his mother died.

Adam Golaski – The Bellelli Family
After the first explosion, the Bellelli family stood still and listened for further report: that is, proof that there was a first explosion.

Brendan Connell – The Life of Captain Gareth Caernarvon
1894. An hour after dawn. Montana. Forest. A large animal of the deer family.

Adam Golaski – The Cotton Market, New Orleans
Back in the day when cotton was stuffed into the necks of asprn bottles by hand, your grandfather owned the top cotton-plug house in New Orleans.

Sean Casey – The First Chapter
Months before my birth my parents fucked each other.

Adam Golaski – The Café Singer
His last unemployment check (for real, this time) coincided with the first letter from the IRS.

T.C. Boyle – Wild Child
During the first hard rain of autumn, when the leaves lay like currency at the feet of the trees and the branches shone black against a diminished sky, a party of hunters from the village of Lacaune, in the Languedoc region of France, returning cold and damp and without anything tangible to show for their efforts, spotted a human figure in the gloom ahead.


A Pocket Guide to the Middle East

Fallout Protection: What to Know and Do about Nuclear Attack

A letter to Mr. Fred Squires from JNO. J. Earle, Attorney at Law

Some Things You Should Know If The War Should Come: Public Information Leaflet Number 1; issued from the Lord Privy Seal's Office, July, 1939