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An ancient meteor attempts to reassemble itself on the banks of Lake Michigan; a pig encounters the divine; and a couple discovers that their landlord owns a dollhouse inhabited by tiny people. Culled from old anthologies edited by Alfred Hitchcock and Ray Bradbury, this quarterly features BRAIN-BLISTERING fiction from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. These stories confound, astound, and hurtle toward the brink of UNREALITY. Alongside these classics are four FRESH, contemporary stories that we believe Mr. Hitchcock and Mr. Bradbury would have regarded fondly. These tales cause TEETH TO CHATTER and HEARTS TO ARREST. Their authors are intrepid explorers, forever plumbing the ABYSS OF THE UNKNOWN. Their writing interrupts life’s complacent rhythms and reminds us of the MAGICAL, the INEXPLICABLE. Take this book. Wake up. The world is a dream all around you.