Mermaid bundle

With the Mermaid Bundle, you’ll get the first two installments of Michelle Tea’s groundbreaking YA adventure series, the Chelsea Trilogy, all for a reduced price!

Start with Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, in which you’ll meet Sophie Swankowski, a misfit in the broken-down town of Chelsea, Massachusetts. With the help of the filthy, swearing mermaid Syrena, Sophie begins to understand that she’s no ordinary girl, but the hero from the old stories who can bring the magic to Chelsea and fight the evil that flows in the river beneath the city.

Then, with Girl at the Bottom of the Sea, follow Sophie and Syrena as they traverse the ocean to Sophie’s homeland in Poland. Along the way, Syrena will reveal the terrible truth about Sophie’s past, and teach her about the ages-old source of her newly discovered power.