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Open the Door: How to Excite Young People about Poetry:

The essays in the first section—from Matthea Harvey, Ron Padgett, William Stafford, Eileen Myles, Kenneth Koch, Theodore Roethke, and many others—illuminate the importance of poetry to a well-rounded education, in and out of traditional classroom settings. The next section is a roundtable conversation among a handful of creative men and women who’ve helped set up or run poetry education centers around the United States. In the book’s final segment, award-winning poets offer an array of brilliant lesson plans for people teaching poetry to kids of all ages.

Open the Door will be useful for first-time and veteran teachers, as well as parents, babysitters, MFA graduates, and anyone else with an interest in poetry’s place in the lives of our younger citizens.

Praise for Open the Door:

“Worried you don’t know how to teach poetry? Frustrated that your students groan at the sight of a poem? Open the Door will change all that. The writers not only give teachers permission to approach the teaching of poetry through a fresh portal, they also provide clear directions for finding that elusive door in the wall. This is a GPS for both the poetically challenged and anyone in search of new word horizons.”
—Carol Jago, former President, National Council of Teachers of English

“Unique and inspiring.”

“A brilliant colloquy, offering a series of engaged commentaries, informed by real, hard-earned experience teaching poetry to kids.”
LA Times

“An invaluable resource.”
Publishers Weekly (Starred review)