ISBN : 0-9719047-0-7

The long-awaited novel by master Stephen Dixon, twice a finalist for the National Book Award, I. is a searingly powerful and seemingly autobiographical novel in the form of linked stories that explores the limitations of memory and the frustrations of the narrator's life, as he cares for his two daughters and his handicapped wife, whose condition worsens as the narrator struggles with his own sense of mortality. I. is hardcover, with cover art by acclaimed graphic novelist Dan Clowes.

Praise for I.

"From this grim material emerges a moving and oddly funny book."
—The New Yorker

"His circular, self-aware prose can be entrancing."
—New York Times Book Review

"I. is artfully artless, honest and true."
—Washington Post Book World 

"He is a writer's writer; many have copied his dreamy, deadpan style."
—The Austin Chronicle

"The surprise is not only how funny Dixon can be but also how unutterably sad."
—The San Francisco Chronicle

"This book is capable of breaking your heart like a resolved mathematical proof or breathtaking mountain climb."
Boston's Weekly Dig

"I. is riveting, ambitious fiction."
—The Baltimore City Paper