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It’s February, and with it the ever-grinding gears of time have brought us Valentine’s Day once more. In the name of helping you fulfill your gift-giving obligations, and to demonstrate how much we love and value you, dear McSweeney’s reader, we’re offering this limited-time special holiday bundle. Get the next four issues of our three-time National Magazine Award-winning Quarterly starting with Issue 59, AND receive a complimentary copy of one of our most beloved original publications, The Secret Language of Sleep. Whether you give it to a loved one, or keep it for yourself, this joyous bundle is guaranteed to give you exactly the boost you need to get through the season. Standard Media Mail shipping takes 5-7 days to deliver domestic, but we’ll keep this offer up until the end of the month in case you need something truly last minute.

Here’s a look into what to expect in your mailbox next:

McSweeney’s 59
McSweeney’s rings in the 2020s with a brand-new, oddly shaped paperback issue of our National Magazine Award-winning Quarterly Concern. Gaze inside this short-covered book to find: stories about cultish acting classes and human remains and eerie parties in dusty parlors; the conclusions of Issue 57’s cliffhanger stories by Oyikan Braithewaite, Brian Evanson, and Mona Awad; essays on historic ACLU cases by the likes of Jacqueline Woodson and Charlie Jane Anders; letters from Brandon Hobson on an armadillo incarnation of Andrew Jackson and Jenny Slate on the indignity of game nights; a spread of full-color photographs by Tommy Kha; and so much more. Join us, hand-in-hand, as we enter a whole new era.

McSweeney’s 60
For the first time ever, McSweeney’s Quarterly is illustrating each short story with full-spread, elaborately-staged photographs. Featuring eight original stories, and accompanying photos by the award-winning photographer Holly Andres, Issue 60 contains tales of healing powers discovered in a neighborhood market and retiring baseball stars, of ill-fated father-daughter float-plane trips and a romance with the ghost of an old Hollywood heartthrob. A not-to-be-missed, oversized issue, this is one you’ll want to keep preserved in a temperature-controlled room for generations to come.

Praise for McSweeney’s Quarterly

“There are few examples in publishing that equal the care and inventiveness McSweeney’s offers their readers - the industry at large should take note. I return to past issues more than most of the tomes on my shelves any time I need to re-spark my belief in publishing, in stories, in people.” -Bookends and Beginnings, Evanston, IL

“A key barometer of the literary climate.” —The New York Times

“Ever shape-shifting and ambitious, McSweeney’s has redefined what a literary institution can be. Their commitment to publishing strong, strange voices and stories from the periphery has always been an inspiration and I’m always excited to see what they’ll do next.” —Catherine Lacey, McSweeney’s contributor and author of The Answers

“McSweeney’s is so much more than a magazine; it’s a vital part of our culture. ” —Geoff Dyer, McSweeney’s contributor and author of Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi and Otherwise Known as the Human Condition

“Some magazines are comfort reads. We turn to them because we can almost predict, issue to issue, what and even whom will appear in them. But others, like McSweeney’s, are challenge reads. They’re feverishly inventive, discomfortingly surprising, and therefore among the best reminders that we are actually alive. I love shouting at McSweeney’s, laughing with it, and rolling my eyes at myself while the magazine reads me like a deceptively perceptive carnival psychic.” —John D’Agata, author of Halls of Fame and About a Mountain

“I’m incredibly grateful for the existence of McSweeney’s. Its embrace of world literature is completely unique, lucid, knowing and indispensable.” —Francisco Goldman, McSweeney’s contributor and acclaimed author of The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle and The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?

Praise for The Secret Language of Sleep

“Hugely entertaining and deadpan smart, Evany Thomas’s The Secret Language of Sleep details 39 positions for dormant lovers, from Melting Spoons (that’s Classic Spooning for codependents) to Starfish and Conch ('the preferred position for couples who fight well together') and Sixth Posture of the Perfumed Forest (one hand on stomach, opposite elbow across eyes). Amelia Bauer's line drawings, evocative of prim 1950s sex guides, give this tiny volume its tart appeal.”
Oprah Magazine

“For mates completely stuck in their Pinching Koala and Tree ways (lots of knee squeezing) or who are avowed Ticket Punchers (plenty of hot toe-on-toe action), Thomas purports to explain what each snuggle means using a mixture of research ranging from hard science to soft tarot, with a sprinkling of survival guides, yoga and ventriloquism thrown in for good measure.”
New York Post

“Injected with just the right dose of McSweeney-ian humor, this book is downright precious for those of you (un)fortunate enough to be in a relationship, or even those of you who are living single.” And: “If you’re just looking for a new position or some quirky insight into the one you and your partner contentedly form, Thomas’ book will delight at first glance. But upon closer inspection, The Secret Language of Sleep is oddly and deeply romantic.”
SF Weekly

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