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Since the 2016 election, reading the news each day can send even the most placid among us into a paralyzing apoplexia. We are enraged, we are bewildered, and then we get nothing done all day. We go to bed with teeth clenched, wake up, and it begins again.

But there are things we can do to feel a little less powerless.

Gathered here are twenty-two pieces in which powerful voices, from poets and novelists to actors and activists, speak to our predicament, to their state of mind, and to the crucial importance of committing to take action in 2018.

Featuring contributions from:
Dodie Bellamy
Tom Bissell
Kevin Boyle
Melissa Chadburn
Steve Erickson
Karen Joy Fowler
Lev Grossman
Terrance Hayes
Harmony Holiday
Mitra Jouhari
Owen King
Yahia Lababidi
Salley Wen Mao
Bill McKibben
Rick Moody
Tracy O’Neill
Raquel Salas Rivera
Martin Seay
Jim Shepard
Kao Kalia Yang
Matthew Zapruder