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$55.00 $45.00

Summer, the season of devourable books, is upon us! With the Summer Reading Bundle, you’ll get three engrossing and unforgettable reads, each one guaranteed to enliven any long summer afternoon.

Included are Olja Savičević’s novel Adios, Cowboy, which The Atlantic calls “prose that glints like the sea in the distance”; Diane Williams’ collection of whip-smart short stories Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, a Publisher’s Weekly best book of the week and one of Vulture’s Best Books of 2016; and Emily Carr’s collection of divorce poetry Whosoever Has Let A Minotaur Enter Them, Or A Sonnet—, the latest in the McSweeney’s Poetry Collection. Best enjoyed beachside, poolside, or near an air-conditioning vent, with a glass of something fruit-flavored.