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In late 2003, as the first issue of the Believer magazine was rising from the primordial ooze, Nick Hornby turned in the inaugural installment of a monthly column that immediately became a reader favorite. For the next ten years, Hornby’s incandescently funny “Stuff I’ve Been Reading” chronicled a singular reading life—one that is measured not just in “books bought” and “books read,” as each column begins, but in the way our feelings toward Celine Dion say a lot about who we are, the way Body Shop Vanilla Shower Gel can add excitement to our days, and the way John Updike might ruin our sex lives. Hornby’s column is both an impeccable, wide-ranging reading list and an indispensable reminder of why we read.

Praise for Ten Years in the Tub:

“Bursting with enthusiasm and clear-eyed about the author’s own contradictions, Ten Years in the Tub deserves to be devoured whole by anyone willing to spare 10 minutes to think about the books they read.”
Booklist (Starred review)

“Reading these columns one after another adds depth and complexity. Not since Somerset Maugham’s Books and You (1940) has there been a more eloquent and richly presented meditation on the value of books and reading. Verdict A must for bibliophiles.”
—Meagan Lacy, Library Journal

“[Ten Years in the Tub] measure[s] life not just in terms of books bought or read but also in common reading experiences, often to hilarious effect.”

“Ten Years in the Tub is something to soak in and savor.”
—USA Today

“Honest, funny, garrulous and nimble-witted, Hornby makes standing in line at the bank a blessed interval for snorting another page.”
New York Times Book Review

“There’s a boatload of bonhomie in Nick Hornby’s ‘Ten Years in the Tub: A Decade Soaking in Great Books.’”
The Boston Globe