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Table of Contents:

Concrete Jungle in the Jungle by Avi Davis
Is Edward James’s home-made fantasyland in the middle of San Luis Potosí a surrealist Shangri-La or a monument to reality?

Gold, Golden, Gilded, Glittering by Rachel Cohen
A walk through seven hundred years of the fearful symmetry between high finance and the art world.

What the Swedes Read by Daniel Handler

“You What?”: a new poem by John Ashbery

Beach House as Nostalgia Museum by Alan Michael Parker
Buying into imagined notions of leisure and accomplishment via wicker furniture, flaking paint, and supremely cheesy sunset scenes.

Real Life Rock Top Ten by Greil Marcus

Schema: Artwork Created for Hollywood Films by James Hughes

Reviews: Monica Westin on cuteness, Stephen Burt on the New Aesthetic, and Jenny Hendrix on Keri Smith

The Forgotten Ephemera of Genius by Noah Sneider
The recently discovered films of a ballet choreographer turned animator present a threat to the genesis narrative of Russian cinema.

“Oakland”: a new poem by John Hennessy

Paul Chan interviewed by Madeleine Schwartz
“I don’t know what works. I only know what is worth working on.”

Arnold Leo interviewed by Lucy Mulroney
Andy Warhol’s editor at Grove Press on how he learned to stop worrying about editing and love the mistakes.

Joe Bradley interviewed by Ross Simonini
The artist on trying to paint like Grandma Moses,Thomas Kinkade, or a seventeen-year-old kid drawing dicks everywhere.

Musin’s and Thinkin’s by Jack Pendarvis

Maurice Sendak interviewed by Emma Brockes
A late, radically honest, and extremely vivifying interview with the iconic author and illustrator.

Leonora Carrington interviewed by Heidi Sopinka
Talking and smoking with the great surrealist painter at the age of ninety-two.