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ISBN : ISSN: 1543-6101

Edited by Heidi Julavits, Andrew Leland, and Vendela Vida
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The Believer, a five-time National Magazine Award finalist, is a bimonthly literature, arts, and culture magazine. In each issue, readers and subscribers will find journalism and essays that are frequently very long, book reviews that are not necessarily timely, and interviews that are intimate, frank, and also very long. There are also intricate illustrations by Tony Millionaire and a rotating cast of guest artists; poems; a comics section; and regular columns by Nick Hornby and Daniel Handler.

Each issue is perfect-bound and 128 pages, printed by friendly Canadians on recycled, acid-free, heavy-stock paper and suitable for archiving, framing in a very thick frame, or reading in the tub.

Pieces from our latest issue can be read online in full at, and you can browse past issues here.

Subscribe now to start your subscription with Issue 114. This issue, the annual Music Issue, features Karen Tongson on her namesake, Karen Carpenter, and how the particular whiteness of the Carpenters’ sound took off in the Philippines; Michael Snyder on a territory in northeast India in which contemporary Christian gospel is effecting near-total cultural assimilation; Phillip Pantuso on Guyanese songbird smugglers and the “bird races” in Queens that their finches are being trained for; Stephanie Elizondo Griest on dancers who place art above everything else in their lives; and Sandi Rankaduwa on the evolution of female emcees. There will also be (among other things) a special section on unreliable songwriters; a visual examination of Italo Disco’s map to humanity’s apotheosis via glitter and robot sex; and interviews with Enya, the LA Phil’s Deborah Borda, punk bassist Mike Watt, rapper and producer Lil B, and legendary rock muse Bebe Buell.

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