Berliner ensemble hires
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Five years ago, McSweeney's published Marcel Dzama's The Berlin Years, bringing Dzama's elegant, enigmatic bears, bats, and sexy ladies to a slumbering nation. The first edition of that book was snapped up in a matter of minutes, and same with a second edition a couple years later. We were thinking about a third printing, but then we thought: instead, why not do it all new and all better?

So that's what we've done. The format is similar to the original: an envelope with twenty-eight loose-leaf prints good enough to frame, including a hard-to-describe four-way four-parter (four drawings that fit together to make one really large one. The clever/tricky thing is that any of the four connects to any of the other, and in any configuration: four-square, a vertical stack, all horizontal, an L, etc. Any Tetris shape.); plus a scrapbook; plus an insert card; plus an oversized fold-out poster. The artwork is entirely new, the scrapbook is new, the envelope has been redesigned—it's a whole new thing, in a beloved familiar shape. Get one for yourself, one for a friend, and three for your unborn, helpless grandchildren—they’ll thank you someday.