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Introducing Dispatches, a new series of powerful and compact nonfiction titles documenting the highs and lows of daily human endurance, as they happen. Edited by award-winning writers Peter Orner and Laura Lampton Scott, each book originates in short confidences recorded by individuals during borrowed moments from their interesting lives. Set amid some of our most pressing contemporary predicaments, these invaluable books provide a vital firsthand look into lives rarely put to paper.

Dispatches #1: The Four Deportations of Jean Marseille
An experienced fixer for journalists covering Haiti, Jean often unexpectedly finds himself on the subject side of stories. After his son was kidnapped and his house taken, Jean decided to move his family out of Port-au-Prince to the Dominican Republic. In the first of our new Dispatches series, Jean tells us the story of this struggle to relocate, another change of country in his search for a better life.