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This is the second book of the award-winning Expeditioners series. To order Book 1, come right this way.

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Kit, Zander, and M.K. West are settling into their new lives as students at the Academy for the Exploratory Sciences when Kit finds another mysterious map left for him by their father, the brilliant, famous—and presumed dead Explorer Alexander West. Why did Alexander leave the maps behind, and why are government agents so determined to seize them? What is really going on in a mysterious and unknown stretch of the Caribbean, famous for its violent storms and shipwrecks? And what is the huge contraption M.K. is building in her workshop? As two world powers come to the brink of war, Kit must find a deadly hidden island and unlock its secrets, hoping he has the courage to follow the trail of maps, wherever it may lead.

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Praise for The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton’s Lair from kid readers:

“S. S. Taylor strikes again with the second book in the the Expeditioners series. This book is filled with close escapes from cannibalistic eels, deadly pirates, and expedition leaders. Not necessarily in that order. This is an awesome book.”
—Benji, age 11

“I liked this book because it had some cool technology, including a submarine with 8 arms! It was an exciting adventure story and I can’t wait to read the next book!”
—Arlo, age 9

“The Expeditioners 2 is a thrilling novel that is amazingly written and even though it has few pictures they are excellent.”
—Sasha, age 9

“The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton’s Lair is the best book I have read in years and the book makes it so you can not get your nose out of it.”
—Ian, age 9

More praise for The Expeditioners:

“Full of kid power… adventure served with heaping helpings of cleverness.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderful example of steampunk done well.”
School Library Journal

“Smart, enjoyable storytelling.”
ForeWord Reviews

“Nifty gadgets, moments of moderate terror, and high stakes… Roy’s playful illustrations have an adventurous, Jonny Quest flair.”
Publishers Weekly

“A unique adventure series that certainly fits into the steampunk genre, but plows its own course with mystery, suspense, and a well-thought out plot.”
—Clare A. Dombrowski, Amesbury Public Library, MA, School Library Journal

“[A] marvelous addition to the series.”
I Read to Relax

“A little bit weird and unlikely in ways that smart kids will really enjoy.”

“As with book one, [The Expeditioners and the Secret of King] Triton’s Lair is an absolutely cracking yarn, the pure strain of kids’ adventure tales.”
—Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

“This series is superb. … For sophisticated and serious teenagers who want more than pulp fiction.”
Literature for Kids

“Marvelous sequel to the first book.”
This Kid Reviews Books

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