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Computers have failed, electricity is extinct, and the race to discover new lands is underway! Brilliant explorer Alexander West has just died under mysterious circumstances, but not before smuggling half of a strange map to his intrepid children—Kit the brain, M.K. the tinkerer, and Zander the brave. Why are so many government agents trying to steal the half-map? (And where is the other half?) It’s up to Alexander’s children—the Expeditioners—to get to the bottom of these questions, and fast.

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Praise for The Expeditioners:

A Winter 2012–13 Kids’ Indie Next List Pick!

List finalist for the 2014-2015 Texas Bluebonnet Award!

“Full of kid power, clues, codes and maps, this will appeal to sophisticated readers who appreciate their adventure served with heaping helpings of cleverness.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Nifty gadgets, moments of moderate terror, and high stakes… Roy’s playful illustrations have an adventurous, Jonny Quest flair.”
Publishers Weekly

“A wonderful example of steampunk done well.”
School Library Journal

“Beautifully written and nail-bitingly thrilling, this is an easy series to get hooked on.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Smart, enjoyable storytelling.”
ForeWord Reviews

“Between author S.S. Taylor’s fast-moving, appealing tale, and Katherine Roy’s plentiful illustrations that bring the characters to life, The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon has a lot to offer readers young and old.”
Common Sense Media

“The story moves at a thrilling pace, and the adventure will capture the imagination of readers. Roy’s illustrations add another terrific element to the story; the jacket, endpapers, and cover of the hardcover book are stunning. I hope this title marks the first in a series.”
The Show Me Librarian

“The Expeditioners has it all: secret maps, hidden treasure, villains, cool gadgets, plenty of adventure, and three intrepid siblings joining forces to save the day. Middle graders will love it, but this middle-ager couldn’t put it down.”
Shelf Unbound

“The Expeditioners is an exciting ride from beginning to end.”
Cracking the Cover

“The Expeditioners will surely intrigue you.”
The Daily Pretzel

“The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon is beautifully written. S.S. Taylor writes a book for kids that sophisticated adult readers will love, too. Be prepared to do some heavy negotiating for your household’s copy!”
Betty Confidential

“An exciting adventure.”
Common Sense Media

“The Expeditioners rollicks, twists, turns and chases through canyons and arroyos, along airships and gliders, through boxcars and crumbling mansions, and on the way the heroes uncover all sorts of fabulous mysteries through their own cunning and bravery. It is a thoroughly smashing read.
Boing Boing

“Taylor’s expansive world building and clever, thrilling plot are wonderful enough on their own, but they’re equally matched by the rich, well-rounded characters, brought to life by Roy’s expressive black-and-white illustrations.”
Sarah Hunter