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This is a preorder. The Fire in his Wake will be released June 23rd, 2020. Orders will ship in early Summer.

The Fire in His Wake, Spencer Wolff’s debut novel, recounts the journey of Arès, a Congolese refugee left for dead in the wake of ethnic violence. Part sweeping portrait of life in the Maghreb, part epic tale of hope and perseverance, Arès’ fate, like the fate of millions, sends him on a kinetic flight across northern Africa with Europe as his goal. He reaches Rabat, Morocco, where he binds himself to a desperate community of exiles, and meets Simon, a young, UN worker, whose journey is altogether different but no less fraught. While Arès struggles to find a way forward and come to terms with his past, Simon gradually awakens to the bitter contradictions of his work at the UN. Their challenges, told in Wolff’s clear, lively prose, carry the reader from the inner halls of the UN to the hazardous realities faced by the refugees in the streets and on their risky crossings to Europe. When a storm gathers at the UNHCR, and the ghosts of the Congo’s violence unexpectedly surface in Rabat, the two men find themselves on a collision course, setting the stage for the novel’s unforgettable and genre-busting ending. Wolff brings years of personal experience as a UN worker himself to this unforgettable story of two remarkable people.

Praise for Fire in His Wake

“A dazzling first novel about a Congolese refugee…The Fire in His Wake addresses pressing themes of our times—migration, human rights, and the refugee crisis. Splendidly ambitious both in narrative scope and formal innovation….Wolff has managed, with enviable dexterity and sensitivity, to tell the story of an African without reducing his humanity or pretending to comprehend or sublimate his suffering.”
Nyuol Lueth Tong, editor-in-chief of the Bare Life Review, a journal of immigrant and refugee literature

The Fire in His Wake is a work of extraordinary empathetic and imaginative power. With a lot of heart, and in vivid prose, Spencer Wolff has done that brave and difficult—and ever more rare—thing we most need our novelists to do: painstakingly imagine himself into lives and circumstances starkly different than his own. It is an astonishing debut.”
Thomas Chatterton Williams, author of Self-Portrait in Black and White