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This is a preorder. The Game will be released late Fall 2020; preorders will ship prior to release.

Fourteen years after the publication of his cult classic I Barbari, Alessandro Baricco (author of Emmaus and Mr. Gwyn) returns in The Game to the topic of change, in a journey that maps out the transformations that the digital revolution has wrought upon the landscape of human experience. From Space Invaders to the PlayStation, from Windows 95 to the conundrum of artificial intelligence, Baricco traces the trajectory of a revolution in the way we think, feel, and communicate—and seeks to discover what it might actually mean for our future.

Translated by Clarissa Botsford.

Praise for The Game: A Digital Turning Point

“Are our Big Tech overlords rewiring our brains? Do they know precisely how, or what the end result will be? Who can guide us through this territory with the appropriate mixture of slyness and sure-footedness, delight and terror, with subtle and jarring insights arriving at the rate of at least one per paragraph? The answers, respectively, are absolutely, absolutely not, and Alessandro Baricco.”
Andrew Marantz of The New Yorker

“With The Game Baricco is betting on the success of the human being in the 21st century. His theses are brilliant and very daring. They deserve an open discussion.”
Nicola Lagioia, La Repubblica

Baricco plays the role of historiographer, anthropologist and even cartographer embarking on a work of reconstruction and research with truly exhausting dimensions and insights of rare brilliance.”
Wired, Italy