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The Game analyzes our current cultural and social moment by examining just how it is that we got here. Year by year, innovation by innovation, the book recontextualizes our relationship with technology. Alessandro Baricco explores not only how massive technological leaps have changed our world, but how they modified human behavior, economics, and our relationship with our possessions and contemporaries. He focuses on how Space Invaders dramatically shifted how we view our interaction with digital and social space, how the dot-com bubble birthed the online venture capitalist, and how the advent of the algorithm permanently delegitimized the cultural and academic elite in a way we’ll grapple with for decades to come. Razor sharp and technically astute, this book-length essay also reverberates with humanity.

Translated by Clarissa Botsford.

Praise for The Game: A Digital Turning Point

“A prolific European master.”
Publishers Weekly

“Are our Big Tech overlords rewiring our brains? Do they know precisely how, or what the end result will be? Who can guide us through this territory with the appropriate mixture of slyness and sure-footedness, delight and terror, with subtle and jarring insights arriving at the rate of at least one per paragraph? The answers, respectively, are absolutely, absolutely not, and Alessandro Baricco.”
Andrew Marantz of The New Yorker

“With The Game Baricco is betting on the success of the human being in the 21st century. His theses are brilliant and very daring. They deserve an open discussion.”
Nicola Lagioia, La Repubblica

Baricco plays the role of historiographer, anthropologist and even cartographer embarking on a work of reconstruction and research with truly exhausting dimensions and insights of rare brilliance.”
Wired, Italy