This holiday season, get this color-changing mug alongside a copy of The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming for one very reasonable price by clicking here, or satisfy every latke lover on your list with the mug, the book, and a subscription to Illustoria in one festive combo offering.

In celebration of the looming holiday season, and in honor of The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming returning to print at last, we offer you this mug.

Latkes are potato pancakes served at Hanukkah. Lemony Snicket is an alleged children’s author. These two elements were combined in one book, an awe-inspiring event in literary history. People who are interested in either or both of these things will find this book so enjoyable it will feel as if Hanukkah is being celebrated for several years, rather than eight nights, and would certainly also enjoy a mug. The mug is 11 oz. It is cherry red. It turns white when hot liquid is added within, as one often does with a mug. It states the title of this holiday classic upon it. It should be yours. People who are interested in neither latkes nor Hanukkah nor mugs will get what they deserve.