Fusselman's first book weaves surprising beauty out of diverse strands: death and sea shanties, guns and artifical insemination, World War II and AC/DC. Highly personal but always engaging, this book reveals the humor and beauty throughout Fusselman's grief following her father's death.

Praise for The Pharmacist's Mate

"In this memorable, beautifully structured book, she gives us more than ironic asides or a catalog of her pop-culture… she makes the world strange again, a place where dying and making life are equally mysterious and miraculous activities."
—Time Out New York 

"Fusselman's conversational, intimate voice and heartfelt musings charm the reader. In less than 100 pages she movingly conjures an impressive emotional depth and range, making The Pharmacist's Mate seem like a much longer work."
—San Francisco Chronicle

"This sweet, sincere story of Fusselman's attempts to get pregnant by artificial insemination and to come to terms with her father's death is told in a wholly original epigrammatic style."

"Ms. Fusselman's book affected me deeply. The talent displayed therein was unnerving."
Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth and On Beauty