This is The Portlandia Activity Book—a compendium of guaranteed enrichment for the Pacific Northwestern part of your psyche. Like a cool high school that prefers a sweat lodge to the traditional classroom, this book will expand your mind through participation, dehydrate you to a state of emotional rawness, then linger in the corners your bare soul.

Here you will find enough activities to get you through a year’s worth of rainy days, including: How to Crowdfund Your Baby, Punk Paint By Numbers, Terrarium Foraging, and so much more. With pages unlike any you’ve seen before, this is the kind of book that you can be yourself around. Shed the trappings of normalcy, let down your glorious mane, and take the deepest breath of your life. Portlandia is beckoning your arrival.

For a preview of The Portlandia Activity Book, come right this way.

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Praise for Portlandia:

​”​The Portlandia Activity Book comes stocked with tons of pages, prompts, and enough fun craft ideas–friendship bracelets, anyone?–to fill an entire year’s worth of rainy Portland afternoons. ​”