Wholphin No. 12 proudly presents the Academy Award-nominated short "Miracle Fish," Eric Lynne's Sundance-honored short about kissing cousins, Danny McBride as George Washington, several films about the dark desires of men and a cameo by Sam Rockwell in Jonathan Lisecki's hilarious critique of Hollywood's terrorist obsession, "Woman in Burka." And, as we always say and always mean, much, much more!

Table of Contents

Rob & Valentyna in Scotland
Directed by Eric Lynne
23 minutes, Short Film, U.K.

Mi Amigo Invisible
Directed by Pablo Larcuen
15 minutes, Short Film, Spain

Woman in Burka
Directed by Jonathan Lisecki
20 Minutes, Short Film, U.S.A.

Miracle Fish
Directed by Luke Doolan
18 minutes, Short Film, Australia

I Don’t Blame the Beautiful Game
Directed by Christopher Arcella
5 minutes, Documentary, U.S.A.

Drunk History Vol. 3
Directed by Derek Waters
6 minutes, Historical Retelling, U.S.A.

Dynamic Tom: Portrait of a Cocksman
Directed by Andrew Cohn
14 minutes, Documentary, U.S.A.

Here Comes Greatness
Directed by Matthew Luem
30 minutes, Documentary, U.S.A.

The Armoire
Directed by Jamie Travis
22 minutes, Short Film, Canada

Static No. 12, Ride No. 2, Pan No. 2
Directed by Daniel Crooks
5 minutes, 2 minutes, 4 minutes
Time structures, Australia