Wholphin No. 15 features the Duplass Brothers celebrating friendship, Selma Blair and Jeremy Davies celebrating an awkward romance, the haunting prequel to the indie-hit Martha Marcy May Marlene, Antonio Campos’ Cannes-winning “Buy It Now,” a couple who eat each other’s pain, Jonathan Lisecki’s Gayby, and seven contestants going neuron-to-neuron in a love competition!

Check out the Wholphin No. 15 feature on the Wired-hosted blog, Underwire. And on Popular Science. Filmmaker Magazine is also praising Wholphin’s take on emotional science along with Open Culture and Stanford’s Medical School Blog, and Read Write Web

Praise for Wholphin No. 15:

A Vimeo Staff Pick!

“A fascinating glimpse inside the world of neuroscience research.”
Huffington Post

Geek Mecca

“The beauty of the film, and the study, lies in how sincerely the research subjects tackle the task at hand.”
The Atlantic

“Aside from being unbearably cute, the competition is also an interesting look at the regions of the brain that create the neurochemical phenomenon of love.”
—The Daily What