You shall know our velocity lores
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ISBN : 0-9703355-5-5

Dave Eggers's first novel traces the adventures of two friends as they travel across the globe, struggling with dangerous cars, the international date line, and the difficulty of distributing $32,000 in cash. Part romp, part allegory, all-American.

Praise for You Shall Know Our Velocity:

"There's an echolet of James Joyce there and something of Saul Bellow's Chi-town bounce, but we're carried into the narrative by a fluidity of line that is Eggers's own."
—Entertainment Weekly

 "An entertaining and profoundly original tale."
—The San Francisco Chronicle

"Entirely honorable and ultimately persuasive… Eggers's frisbee sentences sail, spin, hover, circle and come back to the reader like gifts of gravity and grace."
—The New York Times Book Review

"Eggers's strengths as a writer are real: his funny, pitch-perfect dialogue; the way his prose delicately captures the bumblebee blundering of Will's thoughts, and the stream water clarity of his descriptions."

"Eggers is a wonderful writer, bold and inventive, with the technique of a magic realist."