This is a preorder. Issue 146 will be released early summer 2024. All subscriptions to The Believer placed before August 15, 2024, will include this issue.

In Issue 146 of The Believer: Pablo Calvi on the developing controversy around the Wakasa stone—a memorial to a Japanese-American killed at an internment camp in Delta, Utah; Paul Collins on the possibility of enfranchisement for intellectually disabled citizens; Elisa Gabbert on the logic behind roller coasters and horror films; and Ahmed Naji on Michael Heizer’s City, an immense Land Art project comprised of striking concrete sculptures. You’ll find interviews with The Office’s Creed Bratton, poet Eileen Myles, philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, and musician Caroline Rose, as well as a new comic about food delivery robots by Lane Milburn. Plus, Julia Alvarez writes about her enchanting godmother; Laura Marris hikes to a chemical-polluted creek off the Niagara River; Andrew Lewis Conn recommends a rollicking 600-page novel about postwar America; and Nick Hornby returns, humorous as ever. We also have new poems from Taneum Bambrick and Monica Sok, small press book reviews, games, a schema of highly obscure viola jokes, and so much more.