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“There are so many great things in this book. If you like great things, this is the book for you.”
—Jon Klassen, author/illustrator of I Want My Hat Back and This Is Not My Hat

Alfred Crabtree has lost his false teeth. But don’t worry, he’ll find them if he can just get his things organized! Alfred’s world is cluttered with surprising objects. Some are very uncommon, and some are probably not where they ought to be. There are a lot of pencils and small yapping dogs. There’s a squeeze bottle of mustard, a plunger, a rubber band or two, a few very fancy hats, and a group portrait of sea monsters. There’s an old cassette tape, a swizzle stick, a bicycle pump, and an armadillo shell. Join Alfred on a romp through his far too many possessions and you’ll end up learning more about him than he knows about himself. And maybe he’ll find his teeth in all that stuff!

Shortlisted for the 2014 PEN/Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing.

Crabtree makes an appearance on the “Uni Project” website

An interview with Jon and Tucker Nichols!

Watch the official Crabtree trailer here.

European readers, Crabtree is now available in four foreign editions: Le Bazaar de Crabtree (Helium, France), Alfredo Quasitutto (Il Castoro, Italy), Szczęka Alfreda (Dwie Siostry, Poland), and Herr Sauermann Such Seine Zähne (Diogenes, Germany), which has also been nominated for the prestigious Luchs des Monats prize.

Praise for Crabtree:

“This book is fantastic in every way.”
—Maira Kalman

“An epic tale is hiding among Crabtree’s possessions, and the search for a single object takes on cosmic meaning. Highly recommended.”
—Patton Oswalt

“I have many, many copies of this book in different rooms in my home as part of an ongoing collection of books I like very much all kept in separate rooms for organizational purposes.”
—Lemony Snicket

“A terrific debut! I was completely tickled by this book. Bravo Jon and Tucker Nichols!”
—Jon Agee

“A light-hearted meditation on how we are defined by our possessions, delivered with that trademark McSweeney’s flair.”
The Atlantic Wire

“Witty… [Alfred Crabtree] really has a lot of stuff.”

“Witty and weirdly absorbing.”
––One Potato

“It is mostly a book that you just look at, but you can look at it a lot.”
––Raif, age 4

“Like a Richard Scarry word book gone bonkers… The oversized pictures include little funny things throughout, and my kids couldn’t stop giggling.”
—Jonathan H. Liu, GeekDad

“[One of] our favorite books for kids… I find Alfred Crabtree’s lists and categories very soothing and satisfactorily compiled. ”
—Green Apple Books, San Francisco

“Like all McSweeney’s McMullens’ books, Crabtree is a marvel of craftsmanship, gorgeous and packed with witty images and text.”
San Francisco Chronicle interview with Tucker and Jon Nichols.

Crabtree is mesmerizing and ridiculous in the most perfect way.”

“We giggle together – and discover something new – every time we read it.”
What Wee Read

“Exactly like pawing through someone’s closet, with none of the embarrassment.”
For Immediate Release Reviews

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Check out the book trailer for Crabtree: