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Published: November, 2023
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Listed as a best gift for kids by the New York Times 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, Illustoria is an art and storytelling print magazine for all ages, suitable for readers as young as six years. Packed with stories, comics, DIY projects, and interviews orbiting a central theme—this magazine aims to incite curiosity and ignite creative response. Satisfy the young reader in your life with the official Illustoria Gift Subscription.

Here’s what readers will receive first:

Illustoria #24: Love
What is LOVE? In this issue, featuring a gorgeous cover by Valerio Vidali, we spotlight friendships, families, hobbies, fan clubs, and unlikely animal buddies. Famous duos of kidlit reveal love in action, a poet ponders where love resides, and collaborating artists discuss the bittersweet joys of co-creating. Learn to say love in another language, send anonymous valentines, and make fairy bread for your bestie.

Write a short story about a professional raisin squisher, learn about unlikely animal friendships, and read an interview with Ashton Mota, an Afro-Latino youth activist. Make wild forage paint brushes, check out cartoon hearts drawn by kids from around the world, explore book reviews submitted by readers on the subject of friendship, and so much more loving content it will make your heart explode into bits!

Illustoria is the official publication of the International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers, publishing writing and art by young people alongside accomplished professionals.

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Praise for Illustoria magazine

Best Gifts for Nine-Year-Olds—Wirecutter

“The best kids art & storytelling magazine out there.”
Wendy MacNaughton, Draw Together

“[A] beautifully produced print magazine that invites young readers to revisit arresting pages again and again… Illustoria is a visual feast, with a focus on storytelling through art and literature. In addition to crafts and art projects, Illustoria presents stories through comics, and profiles illustrators, artists, and makers… [with] messages of compassion and inclusivity… bursting with creative ideas and inspiration.”
—“Our Favorite Gifts for 6- to 10-year-olds,” Wirecutter, The New York Times

“Each stunning issue is something you’ll proudly want to display on your bookshelf.”
— “20+ of the Coolest Magazines For Kids, From Toddlers to Tweens,” Mother

“This is the kind of magazine you keep on your bookshelves with your favorite books.”
Cece Bell, author of El Deafo

“It’s a rewarding offering that I hope sticks around for many years down the line.”
Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews, blogger of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

“[A] visually exciting magazine with a DIY attitude… offer[s] plentiful opportunities for engagement, while the quality artwork and inventive layouts are sure to inspire imaginative responses.”
School Library Journal

“Cover to cover, its content and aesthetics are smart, modern and engaging. Illustoria is a magazine I would’ve loved to have growing up.”
Michelle Sterling, Avery & Augustine

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