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Are you team cat? Do you adore a fiercely independent, sock and string-loving, window-lounging companion? Then our newest official Illustoria T-shirt—with art by the legendary (and multi-award-winning author and illustrator) Jon Klassen—is for you! Printed by our dear friends and neighbors at Babylon Burning, this T-shirt is available in a glorious array of sizes: from toddler and youth shirts in handsome coyote brown to adult shirts in striking military green, with as many size stops along the way as we could source. Show the world your deeply felt feline-fandom as you strut your stuff in this limited-edition, guaranteed-conversation-starter, absolutely gorgeous tee. Meow!

More of a dog person (or proudly ambi-pet-dextrous? Bring home the official Team Dog shirt or our official cat AND dog tote instead or alongside! These shirts are selling quick and soon will be gone forever, so grab yours today.

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