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Published: July, 2023
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Believer Issue 143
In Issue 143 of The Believer, Katie Gee Salisbury searches for the true originators of cinema’s most famous Asian detective; public educator Lauren Markham reports on America’s homeschooling surge; and Anika Banister tracks Garfield’s transition from syndicated comic to viral meme muse. We have feature interviews with Jeff Daniels, Gene Luen Yang, Nathaniel Dorsky, and Annie-B Parson, plus a micro-chat with Noor Naga. Also, Ken Howe revisits his decade-long hunt for every volume in the New York Edition of Henry James, and Mallika Rao unpacks the female ingenuity behind a Turkmen carpet. You’ll find more from the usual suspects, Nick Hornby and Carrie Brownstein, as well as guest columns by Deb Olin Unferth and Maris Kreizman. Also: a new comic about an odd bird from Teddy Goldberg, author trivia typewritten by Joy Williams herself, poems, reviews, and even more.

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