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After a half decade away The Believer has returned home to McSweeney’s. To celebrate the momentous occasion, we’ve dug through our archives and found an extremely limited number of classic and timeless issues for your purchasing pleasure. Once these are gone, they’re gone forever.

Table of Contents:

Mithradates of Fond du Lac by Kent Russell
Will Tim Friede, a self-immunizer with no medical training, be the first human to survive five venemous snakebites in one weekend?

“The Boss Tells Me”: a new poem by Victoria Chang

Man of the Future by Alex Mar
Fereidoun Esfandiary envisioned a world in which humans were limited by nothing—not even death.

What the Swedes Read by Daniel Handler

Painting at Dora by Francois Le Lionnais
Surviving the winter in a concentration camp by touring an art museum of the mind.

Musin’s and Thinkin’s by Jack Pendarvis

“Comics” edited by Alvin Buenaventura

Schema: Movie Villains (and a Dude) Who Drink Milk by Sarah Bean Freed

Stephen Burt on B. J. Best, Adam Colman on Charles Dickens, Annie Julia Wyman on Zachary Schomburg, and Douglas W. Milliken on the Idaho-Montana Border

The Process by Scott Zieher
A conversation with the artist Trenton Doyle Hancock about his painting Kept On Keeping On.

Alan Moore interviewed by Peter Bebergal
The writer of Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and much more discusses art, magic, and creating gods.

Real Life Rock Top Ten by Greil Marcus

“Japanese in Three Weeks” : a new poem by B. Alexandra Szerlip

Bob Gluck interviewed by Miranda Mellis
“By the time I am done with a book, I haunt the sentences, I remain in them, that is where I exist.”

Stuff I’ve Been Reading by Nick Hornby

Lisa Guenther interviewed by Jill Stauffer
Part two of three in an ongoing series of interviews on criminal justice, incarceration, and solitary confinement.

Joyce Carol Oates interviewed by Agnes Barley
“I never dreamed that I would have a long career.”