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Get both of Natasha Marin’s best-selling bold and brilliantly curated choruses of Black voices for one stellar deal. What is your origin story? How do you heal yourself? Can you imagine a world where you are loved, safe, and valued? When do you feel most indigenous? What does it sound like when you claim yourself? When do you feel most powerful? Through a series of questions and interviews these books explore the monumental resilience, joy, and triumph of Black People everywhere.

Bundle Contains:
Black Powerful: Black Voices Reimagine Revolution
and Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures

Praise for Black Powerful

“Gather these words around you like a prayer, a spell, a circle of protection. Each section of Black Powerful reinforces our magical presence on this Earth, beloveds reaching for one another across generations and metaphysical barriers. To enter into this book is to reclaim momentum in a world bent on our stagnation—and to remember Black power is perpetual.”
Monica Prince, author of How to Exterminate the Black Woman

Praise for Black Imagination

Black Imagination reads like a survival guide with a sense of humor as deep as its sense of history, a literary oasis for black people fed up with the white gaze.”
The Stranger