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Published: November, 2023
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A thirteen-time National Magazine Award finalist. Named the best magazine of 2022 by Alta.

The Believer has come home! After a half decade away, the award-winning Believer is back at McSweeney’s. Subscribe now, and four times a year, you will receive, in perfect-bound print, all the articles, interviews, reviews, poems, and columns you’ve grown to love, plus a host of brand-new features, reportage, games, puzzles, and more. You will have the opportunity to study up close the beautiful illustrations, the short- and long-form comics, and the work of our regular raft of guest artists and photographers. You can pore over each issue’s two-page vertically oriented schema spread, more or less unreproducible online. You will enjoy the feel of the sumptuous recycled acid-free heavy stock paper against your hands, fingertips, and face.

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The Believer Issue 146
In Issue 146 of The Believer: Pablo Calvi on the developing controversy around the Wakasa stone—a memorial to a Japanese-American killed at an internment camp in Delta, Utah; Paul Collins on the possibility of enfranchisement for intellectually disabled citizens; Elisa Gabbert on the logic behind roller coasters and horror films; and Ahmed Naji on Michael Heizer’s City, an immense Land Art project comprised of striking concrete sculptures. You’ll find interviews with The Office’s Creed Bratton, poet Eileen Myles, philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, and musician Caroline Rose, as well as a new comic about food delivery robots by Lane Milburn. Plus, Julia Alvarez writes about her enchanting godmother; Laura Marris hikes to a chemical-polluted creek off the Niagara River; Andrew Lewis Conn recommends a rollicking 600-page novel about postwar America; and Nick Hornby returns, humorous as ever. We also have new poems from Taneum Bambrick and Monica Sok, small press book reviews, games, a schema of highly obscure viola jokes, and so much more.

We also have interviews with authors Hernan Diaz and Mona Simpson, podcaster Monica Padman, and sportswriter Marcus Thompson II, as well as a new comic from George Gene Gustines on being a sixteen-year-old letter hack. Plus, Kent Monkman finds his “wiggle,” Susan Steinberg reflects on American Psycho as assigned reading, and Emma Copley Eisenberg writes about all that Eastwick, Philadelphia, used to be. All this plus new-sprung guest columns from Daniel Halpern and Madeleine Thien, Jenny Slate–penned trivia, poems, book reviews, a historical survey of art-world pejoratives, and more.

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