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This holiday season, satisfy every latke lover on your list with this mug and book alongside a subscription to Illustoria magazine for one exceedingly reasonable price. For just the mug, click here. For the book alone, click here.

Hark. The beloved holiday classic The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming is back in print at last. Hark. We have a new color-changing mug. Hark. These two items can be yours together, if that is your wish.

The mug is 11 oz., it changes from cherry red to white when hot water is added to it. The book is hardcover, foil-stamped, and full of colorful illustrations. Both are well-suited for giving, receiving, or clutching selfishly in trembling hands, and are even better together.

Latkes are potato pancakes served at Hanukkah. Lemony Snicket is an alleged children’s author. For the first time in literary history, these two elements are combined in one book. People who are interested in either or both of these things will find this book so enjoyable it will feel as if Hanukkah is being celebrated for several years, rather than eight nights. People who are interested in neither of these things will get what they deserve.

Praise for The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story

“Go ahead and cover this book in red, stamp it with gold foil and label it a Christmas story—Lemony Snicket fans won’t be fooled. […] Embedding a satirical sting in his elegantly cadenced prose, the author up-ends any number of conventions in what may be his funniest book yet.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review