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Celebrate the holidays with three brand-new (to new-ish) books from our founder Dave Eggers. From his already best-selling, thrilling new novel The Every, to the elegiac and meditative novella The Museum of Rain, to the stunningly illustrated children’s book The Lights & Types of Ships at Night, you’ll find something to entrance every reader on your list.

Bundle Contains:
The Every
The Museum of Rain
and The Lights & Types of Ships at Night

Praise for The Every

“Once a decade a book like The Every advances the frontier of literary excellence: a book that reflects our culture. Predicts our future. Worm-holes into our subconscious. Delivers artful and complex characters, metaphor, ideas, narrative. Provides percussive movements of levity, gravity, grace, suspense, hilarity.”
Kerri Arsenault, The Boston Globe

Praise for The Museum of Rain

“A small but mighty book. Proof that hope and joy still exist.”
Greg Danz, bookseller at Zandbroz Variety

Praise for The Lights & Types of Ships at Night

“Imagine Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors turned into a boat book for preschoolers. Void and light and the blur of water melt into the ultimate bedtime fare.”
NPR Best Books of 2020