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Oisín Mahoney is an American Army vet in his seventies who is asked to lead a group of young grand-nieces and grand-nephews on a walk through the hills of California’s Central Coast. Walking toward a setting sun, their destination is a place called The Museum of Rain, which may or may not still exist, and whose origin and meaning are elusive to all.

In one of his most elegiac short stories, Dave Eggers gives us a beautiful testament to family, memory, and what we leave behind. Presented here in a slim, pocket-sized hard cover, with a cover illustrated by Angel Chang.

Praise for The Museum of Rain

“A small but mighty book. Proof that hope and joy still exist.”
Greg Danz, bookseller at Zandbroz Variety

“A short story about burning wonder and hope at either end of life.”
Tom Bowden, bookseller at The Book Beat, Oak Park, Michigan

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